At Laundry United LTD, we understand that you may not have time to ask all the questions about our services. That’s why we seek to simplify the process for you, by answering as many common questions as possible. However, contact us in case of doubts, our professional staff will be eager to attend to you.

Q1. Does your company offer services in my location?

Our services are available in majority of areas within London. Contact our customer care for confirmation whether your area is within our service coverage. Do not worry, we make referrals where necessary.

Q2. Can I get a quote before my order is processed?

Yes, an accurate quote will be made available as soon as you express interest in our services. We do not charge a dime for the quotes. We do avail a staff to make a budget with you if need be, as we value each and every client.

Q3. How and when do I place an order for laundry services?

To start with, we encourage potential clients to visit our website in order to choose the best way to communicate with us. At the moment, we have designed an easy DIY ordering process through our website. In case of challenges during the ordering process, contact our customer care help line. We are available 24/7 to attend to our esteemed clients’ needs and concerns.

Q4. When do you pick and drop laundry?

We pick and deliver customer’s clothes during standard working hours. However, we make special arrangements with clients whose daily schedule may not conform to the set garment collection and delivery time.

Q5. How safe will my personal details be during and after cleaning my garments?

We are committed to observing confidentiality. This means that the contact and home address details you have shared with us do not find their way to the undesirable third party.

Q6. Once my clothes are collected, when should I expect them back?

When placing an order, you will be required to specify date and time you expect the garments to be collected and delivered. If there are foreseen challenges, our staff will take time to discuss with you. However, we do deliver laundry within 24 hours from the time the garments were picked.

Q7. Do you welcome special instructions?

Yes please, we do appreciate instructions from individual clients, on how they want their laundry done. You can even go ahead and separate the linen according to their type and color if possible.

Q8. What options do you have for those allergic to certain detergents?

We encourage our customers to notify us if they have a history of allergy to certain detergents. Nonetheless, we allow each customer to indicate whether they prefer their linen done using bio or no-bio washing detergents.

Q9. Can I add items during collection?

Sure! You can add items not included in the order.

Q10. My question is not covered here, what do I do?

Contact us through or live chat line or email us for timely response.