How it works

Our premier laundry services involve this easy and convenient process
Make an order
Book for clothes wash on our laundry app or through our website. Indicate your preferred pick and delivery date and time. Provide your address and contact for easy clothes collection and delivery.
Laundry collection
We dispatch our staff to collect your laundry. We have enough vans and eco-friendly bags to foster effectiveness in laundry handling. No worries, your laundry is picked at your door step.
Cleaning and ironing
Our cleaning facility is well equipped for a thorough wash. We pay extra attention to those with stains. The clean garments are finely ironed and folded. Others are hanged in eco-friendly bags ready for delivery.
Timely delivery
To prevent delays, we have enough staff and vans specifically for deliveries. Clean garments are delivered at client’s door step on or before the agreed time.

Individualized care

Personalized care to client’s clothes and needs is one of our core values, as each client operate on unique schedule and have clothes with distinctive details. This guarantees best results.


We give you hustle free time to spend with family and friends by professionally doing your laundry.


We guarantee professionalism when dealing with our clients. High quality garment cleaning is our emblem!


At Laundry United LTD, you get executive services at affordable prices tailored to suit your personal budget. Free clothes collection and delivery guaranteed.

What Our Clients Say